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RheumNow Week in Review – 7 October 2016

Oct 07, 2016 2:53 pm

Dr. Jack Cush reviews highlights from the journals and news this week on

  1. Injection of nanoparticle peptides carrying siRNA that inhibit NF-κB may benefit osteoarthritic joints
  2. FDA grants breakthrough status to Actemra for Rx of giant cell arteritis. Breakthrough=expediated processing by FDA.
  3. IRAK3 rs11541076 polymorphism yields 33% increase odds of response to TNFi. NLRP3 rs461266 has 25% fewer responses.
  4. Do we need Gout Disease Activity Score (GAS)? Omeract has one based on #Flares last 12mos,  SUA, 10cmVAS, TJC, SJC(0-66)
  5. TaSER study 111 RA patients, shows US driven T2T treatment strategy was no more effective than DAS28 driven T2T outcomes
  6. Systematic review of gout shows that allopurinol Rx significantly lowers systolic & diastolic BP & creatinine levels
  7. Metanalysis shows CCP superior to RF: sensitivity (67 v 69%), specificity (96 v 86%), PLR (12.6 v 4.9), & erosions
  8. Ortho literature says surgical excision of RA nodules is effective. In my experience the complication rate is high!…
  9. CDC Says the Prevalence of Severe Joint Pain is Rising 
  10. The Arthritis Spectrum after Lyme Infection - Something New 
  11. Anti-IL-23 Guselkumab Beats Adalimumab in Severe Psoriasis 
  12. BUILD Study - Baricitinib Shows Rapid Efficacy (ACR20: 62 vs 39%) and X-ray Protection

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