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RheumNow Podcast – Antibiotics Increase RA Risk (8.16.19)

Aug 16, 2019 11:53 am

Dr. Jack Cush reports the news and important journal articles from the past week on

  1. Nurses' Health Study II shows high gluten intake is not assoc with a greater risk of Psoriasis (HR 1.15;0.98-1.36), Psoriatic arthritis (HR 1.12;0.78-1.62) or Atopic dermatitis (HR 0.91; 0.66-1.25); data frin 85,185 Pso, 85,324 PsA and 63,443 atopic dermatitis patients.   
  2. Cross sectional analysis of ~3000 and meta-analysis (14 studies) finds #gout has a higher risk of hypothyroidism, esp in female gout pts (OR=2.44;1.15-5.17); Metaanalysis shows an increased risk hypothyroidism in gout (OR=1.51) and hyperuricemic pts (OR=1.34) 
  3. Lilly announces the results of its phase 4 trial comparing Taltz (IL-17) to Tremfya (IL-23) in mod-severe plaque psoriasis. Taltz had superior skin clearance (PASI 100) at week 12, better PASI 75 at week 2 and PASI 90 at weeks 4 and 8.  
  4. In GCA/Temporal arteritis, when do you start a DMARD/Biologic as a steroid sparing Rx?  
  5. Do we care about opioids?  Nearly 30% of presurgical OA (Spine> Hip & Knee) used prescription opioids. Opioid use was greater with spine OA (vs. knee OA), obesity, smokers, depression, greater pain, higher TJC, and concurrent use of other pain meds 
  6. Case-control study using the UK Clinical Practice Research database examined 22,677 RA patients 1995–2017) exposed to antibiotics vs. ~90K controls shows the risk of RA is 60% higher if Abx exposed (OR 1.60; 95% CI 1.51–1.68) – is this from microbiome changes?
  7. RA Disease Activity Drives Lung Complications  
  8. Enbrel Patent Battle Won by Amgen  
  9. "WAR on RA - Part 4: Desperado" is featured on RheumNow. Why the Eagles and Glenn Fry's death should inspire us to better, greater, more and other superlatives in RA. 
  10. Trends in Inflammatory Arthritis Care in Germany  


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