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ACR Convergence Preview (11.10.2023)

Dr. Jack Cush reviews this past week's news on and suggests a learning plan for those wanting to consume the upcoming ACR Convergence 2023 meeting. 

  1. 2023 Medscaped Female Compensation Survey asked What percentage would again chose their specialty ? Top 5 specialties rechosen: Cardiology: 82% & Dermatology: 82% Psychiatry: 81% Allergy and immunology: 80% Neurology: 79% Rheumatology: 78%

  2. Long term results of the MAINRITSAN study (Maintenance Remission w/ RTX in Systemic AAV) showed fixed-schedule RTX superior to AZA in preventing major relapses at 84mos (HR 0.38), but tailored-RTX assoc w/ incr risk of major relapse (HR 2.92)

  3. Biologics, #RA and Risk of skin CA (NMSC) is complex. - RA alone is a risk for NMSC 49K study of ABA & NMSC ; - In RCTs, risk same w/ ABA & PBO - Registries & Claims data: equal w/ ABA, csDMARDs. b/tsDMARDs - Pooled obs data shows slight ABA risk

  4. UK biobank population study shows a bidirectional assoc. betw RA & COPD (each @ incr risk for the other). In non-COPD pts, RA increased risk of COPD (HR=1.65) & in non-RA pts, COPD had a higher risk of future RA (HR=1.67). Both mediated by inflammation

  5. Anakinra Effective in Systemic JIA, Irrespective of HLA-DRB1 and IL1RN Variants A prospective study of first line use anakinra in systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis (sJIA) proved to be effective and without potentially allergic lung reactions.

  6. Good Treatment review of biologics (IL-1, IL-6) in systemic JIA (Stills) including complications of #MAS and lung disease; also info on horizon therapies like JAK inhibitors and IL-18 targeting and novel biomarkers (calgranulins, IL-18 and CXCL9)

  7. LANCET: Efgartigimod (neonatal Fc receptor mAb) shown effective in chronic #ITP. RCT, 205 pts with refractory ITP (Plt <30K for ~10.6 yrs) Rx w/ EFGR vs PBO. @24 wks EFGR incr Plt >50k in 22% vs. 6%). A larger RCT in progress

  8. Marijuana use is on the rise, including older adults. Data presented at 2023 AHA (cardiology) meeting suggests that marijuana user have higher risk of MI & CVA; & daily marijuana users were 34% more likely to develop heart failure (in hospitalized adults)

  9. Retrospective study(2016-2019) of referred newly, suspected (#RA) pts found no value in initial Xrays. Only 32/724 patients (4.4%) had RA like erosions, with Erosions leading to a Dx in only 2 pts (0.3%) & changed prognostic classification in 3 pts (0.4%)

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