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ACR21 Best Abstracts - Day 2

The RheumNow faculty reporters have been scouring and reporting on the best abstracts from the ACR. Here is a sampling of their choice abstract presentations reported during ACR 2020 Day 2 (#ACRbest).

  1. Dr. Thomas' proof of concept RA immunotherapy study: DEN-181 is a liposome immunotherapy given by SQ injx; it's presented by LN-DCs causing: CTL exhaustion while controlling autoreactive CD4+ T cells.  Abstract #0967
  2. VITAL RCT of Omega-3 and Vit D in preventing autoimmune diseases in 25,871 individuals. They both work! Reducing incident autoimmune disease by 25-30%. Abstract# 0957
  3. #COVID vaccine in #SLE doesn’t cause #lupus flares, does not increase in APS. What about #SARS-CoV2 infection in SLE. No increase in Flares, but increase in APS Abs; from Hopkins cohort and Dr. Petri abstract# 0858
  4. How concerned should we be for #hydroxychloroquine retinopathy. >4000 pts prospectively followed. 1/2 w RA & 15% w #SLE. New risks Asian with pericentral pattern and overall. Length of time on use and Upwards arrowwt based dose per day & CKD all risks. Abstract# 0989
  5. Keep the Hydroxychloroquine! SLICC cohort eval flare risk in 1460 pts who decrease or d/c HCQ: Patients in remission who d/c HCQ flared HR 2.77 (1.46,5.26) and those who decreased HCQ dose flared HR 2.14 (1.34, 3.42). Abstract# 0959
  6. What to do if pt on a TNFi develops cancer? Can you safely restart TNFi later? Depends on cancer, timing - how long ago was cancer, Rx and patient preference. Data diff from RABBIT registry vs British bio registry. Session 7S413
  7. Data from #COVID19 GRA Registry showed predictors of poor COVID outcome in 1922 #lupus pts: Older age, Male, Areas outside Europe, USA, Canada, Infection before June 2020, Any Corticosteroid dose, not on therapy, Rituximab, comorbidities and disease activity. Abstract# 0866
  8. US veterans with rheumatoid arthritis followed for 17 yrs, several cytokines and chemokines associated with a higher risk of incident MACE independent of typical CVD, RF & RA activity.  MACE occurs even if in LDA/remission. Abstract# 0572
  9. COVID-19 outcomes in vasculitis and PMR; High rates of severe outcomes, particularly for AAV and GCA (mortality >20% for both). Multiple factors associated with outcomes. Abstract# 0952
  10. Nationwide claims study showed increased occurrence of multimorbidity in men with SLE compared to women with SLE.  Abstract# 0579
  11. "The strongest single predictor of both telemedicine and electronic patient portal use was English language preference." Improving access needs to include barrier awareness of SES and communication issues. Abstract# 0615  
  12. Comorbidity burden can affect treatment of Inflammatory Arthritis. Higher comorbidity burden patients are more likely to receive steroids than TNFis; Suboptimal therapy? Abstract# 0577
  13. Microbiome evaluation of monozygotic twins discordant for Psoriasis reveals Ruminococcus bromii species significantly reduced & two pathways related to tetrahydrofolate biosynthesis upregulated in PSO twins compared to their unaffected siblings (p< 0.05). Abstract# 0944
  14. Study of TNF vs non-TNFi treatment in obese RA pts.  TNFi use improves disease activity compared with ABA in obese pts.  In non-obese patients, TNFi use improveds disease activity compared to TCZ use.  Abstract# 0588
  15. There’s an argument against HCQ dosing <5mg/kg from cardiac perspective in #lupus. A retrospective study N=296 pts, 13% developed CV events. There was a 28% lower risk (CHF, arrhythmia/cardiac death) per mg/kg of HCQ in non-smokers. Abstract# 0871  


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