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Depression and RA (3.8.2024)

Dr. Jack Cush reviews the news, journal reports and regulatory approvals from the past week.

  1. Sandoz has announced FDA approval for their two interchangeable biosimilars of denosumab - Wyost (denosumab-bddz) and Jubbonti (denosumab-bddz) based on reference products Xgeva and Prolia

  2. Frensius-Kabi has announced that the FDA has approved the tocilizumab biosimilar, Tyenne (tocilizumab-aazg); the first TCZ biosimilar with both IV and subcutaneous formulations

  3. Stills Dz Rx w/ IL-1 or IL-6 inhib may mask Dx of MAS! Study of 162 systemic JIA & MAS (62 on biologics). Biologic Rx pts had lower Plt, Ferritin (1107 vs 2863(, CRP (15 vs 90), ESR, fever duration. 27% on IL1/IL6i did not meet MAS classification criteria

  4. EMR study identified 3.5+ million pts w/ BMI >30 -- 23% had sleep apnea (OSA). OSA had >2 fold risk of gout (7.2% vs 2.8%)vs those without OSA (p<0.0001). The odds of having gout are 2.65 times higher(HR 2.39; (CI) 2.367-2.419, p<0.0001).

  5. COVIDs Extended Risk for Rheumatic Disease Annals of Internal Medicine reports a large, binational study finding SARS-CoV-2 infection was associated with an increased risk for AIRDs that extends up to 12 months after infection.

  6. 85 pts w/ Myositis by MRI. Abnl MRI patterns correlated w/: - Honeycomb & foggy w TIF1γ or Mi2+, MSA-neg DM/PM, SRP+, HMGCR+  - Honeycomb w Cancer (OR 6.8), Gottrons(OR 8) - Foggy w weakness (OR 11.2) - Dense dot w dysphagia (OR 6.3) & CA

  7. Machine learning of 701 Anti-Synthetase (Anti-Jo1, -PL7, -PL12, -EJ) identifies 3 Endotypes,independent Ab specificity #1 (24%) w/ RP-ILD & high mortality #2 (14%) dermatomyositis, intermediate prognosis #3 (62%) arthritis & mechanics hands, good prognosis

  8. DESIR study: new onset SpA pts followed w/ Xrays x 10 yrs showed progression from nr-axSpA to r-axSpA was 5.8% (in 294 followed 10 yrs), best predicted by baseline SI bone marrow edema, (OR 6.2), male, Sxs >1.5 yr, ASDAS ≥2.1 & smoking (only in HLA-B27+).

  9. Cross-sectional multicenter study of 500 ax-SpA pts on biologics found 25% w/ Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) that was linked to being Female gender, unemployed, higher BASDAI & BASFI, multiple biologics, FM , anxiety, depression & lower physical activity.

  10. Increased Depression on Rheumatoid Arthritis  

  11. 19% Arthritis Prevalence in the USA 

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