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RheumNow Podcast – Pounds of Prevention (3.5.2021)

Mar 04, 2021 11:12 pm

Dr. Jack Cush reviews nearly a dozen news reports and journal articles from the past week on

  1. While RA incurs a 2 fold risk of CHF; the use of HCQ does not add to a CHF risk. Mayo nested case-control study, compared RA w/ CHF vs nonCHF RA pts, showing HCQ use, nor duration of use, failed to increase CHF (OR: 0.96).
  2. Compared with no statin use; statin use in RA pts is assoc w/ 28% lower mortality risk. Population study of 19,614 RA pts w/ incident statin use, compared 1,883 statin users vs 1,883 nonusers. All-cause mortality was lower (HR 0.72;0.56-0.91) w/ statins
  3. 620 RA patients from Nordic biologics registers started a non-TNFi as 1st ever bDMARD but later switched to a 2nd bDMARD (ABA 86, RTX 40, TCZ 67 TNFi 427). Retention was 70% @ 6 mos & 50% @12 mos. 30-40% on 2nd bDMARD reached LDAS or remission
  4. Pooled analysis of 16 observational RA registries (27 583 patients) shows that seropositivity was associated with better remission, LDAS and withdrawal rates for RTX and ABA, but not TNF inhibitors.
  5. Influenza Numbers are way down this year due to COVID mitigation methods, school/office closings, reduced travel/mobility. As of Jan 31st only 155 hospitalized with the flu (98% less than 2019-2020 flu season - 8,633 people were hospitalized with the flu)
  6. Influenza vaccinations may hit a record high this season. Last year 48.4% of Americans got the flu shot. Survey suggests that nearly two-thirds will have flu vax this year (44% already had a flu shot, 13.5% said they will get& 9.3% said probably will get)
  7. In Israel (as of Feb 2021) 84% of those ≥70 years and 10% for <50 years have received 2 doses of the COVID Vaccine; as such the need for mechanical ventilation in the elderly has declined 67% with the implementation of COVID vaccines.
  8. Report from DANBIO Danish register looked at chronic pain in a matched cohort study of Psoriasis. Chronic pain was not associated with excess mortality (hence not PsA) (OR 0.99,0.95-1.03). Mortality was increased with steriods, COPD, DM, CA, CV disease.
  9. Systemic Sclerosis is 5 times more prevalent in women than men. Analysis of epidemiology studies shows SSc prevalence as 17.6 per 100000 and pooled incidence of SSc was 1.4 per 100000 PYs.
  10. Actemra FDA Approved for Systemic Sclerosis Interstitial Lung Disease 
  11. Weight Loss to Avert Risk of Gout 


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