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Subcutaneous Biosimilars? (10.27.2023)

Oct 27, 2023 8:00 am

Dr. Jack Cush reviews RheumNow's top entries the PMR Campaign, news, journal reports and regulatory actions.

  1. #PMR Polymyalgia rheumatica is very common, yet there is little research on the Dx & Management of PMR by #PCPs! Mayo study prevalence 701 per 100,000 (women=870 and men =508 per 100,000 population).

  2. Using Methotrexate in #PMR Where in other inflammatory rheumatic disorders, such as RA and PsA, early initiation of MTX is common practice, this is not the case in PMR. Treatment of PMR is still largely based on GC.

  3. TNR - Controversies in PMR

  4. CMAJ analysis of 28 studies & 24 million pts Rx opioids suggest a higher risk of opioid overdose w/: high-dose opioids, fentanyl, multiple opioid Rxs, overdose Hx, Dx of substance use, depression, bipolar, mental illness, pancreatitis

  5. Korean Insurance matched (1:10) claims cohort study (2010-2017) found bronchiectasis in 5.3% of 4845 systemic sclerosis pts vs 1.9% of non-SSc controls (24,225). SSc pts have a signif higher risk of bronchiectasis (adj HR 2.63), thus a minor feature of SSc

  6. Genetic links for Raynauds Phen (RP): Large GWAS study of 5147 RP cases in the UK Biobank cohort shows 2 robust and strong (p < 4.8 × 10−13) novel loci A) ADRA2A (rs7090046, OR per allele: 1.26) & B) IRX1 (rs12653958, OR: 1.17) as candidate causal genes

    Hong Kong study of 12233 RA pts followed 8.7 yrs, and 7% developed MACE. Daily Pred ≥5 mg signif increased the MACE risk (HR ~ 2), dose-dependent fashion; YET Pred <5 mg/d was not associated with MACE risk (vs No GC)

  7. FDA Approves Infliximab Biosimilar for Subcutaneous Use

  8. Anti-Phospholipid Antibodies - Infrequent in Certain Groups


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