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RheumNow Live is Coming to Town (3.11.2022)

Mar 11, 2022 1:16 am

Dr. Jack Cush reviews the news and journal articles from the past week on

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  2. 6780 nonspecific MSK pts (no synovitis) saw 3% w/ CCP+, 45% progressed to IA (RA). Progression seen w/ high CCP (OR 9.4), hand (OR 2.7) & foot pain (OR 4.1). CCP- progress if pain in hands (OR 2.5) or knees. 96% NPV for CCP- w/o hand/foot pain

  3. Study of 177 PsA pts, those with dactylitis had more severe disease with signif. greater SJC, CRP, US-detected synovitis and bone erosions in DMARD-naive early PsA. Dactylitis could be useful in early risk stratification.

  4. anti-IL-23 therapy is not effective in Axial Spondyloarthritis. While ustekinumab, guselkumab and risankizumab are approved in psoriasis (& PsA for GUS, RIZ), studies of Ustekinumab and risankizumab failed to show efficacy in axSpA

  5. Single center study of individualized anakinra use in 47 autoinflammatory pts (32 kids; 43% MAS; 40% systemic JIA). Off-label use in 38%, higher doses in 21 kids (5-29mg/kg); & 5 given IV anakinra; such doses were well tolerated without major AE.

  6. Juvenile CADM: JAMA Case - 6 yoF with 4 yrs of rash on hands, feet, elbows, knees. No Resp to topicals. ROS rare cough & SOB; no weakness. Gottrons over hands, knee. Bx +, ANA+ 1:320, nl enzymes, MSA- See how she was Rx

  7. Good review of Diagnosis and Treatment of Pulmonary Sarcoidosis in JAMA. - Lung progression (in only 10%) assoc w/ 12-18% 5yr mortality - Sx Sarcoid w/ Lung: start Pred 20 to 40 mg/d for 2 -6 wks - Steroid sparing w/ MTX, AZA or TNFi

  8. Study of 155 adult patients (PsA 61/AS 94) looked at labs & CV risk factors; found IL-18 elevated in peripheral PsA more than axial PsA & AS. Elevations were higher in PsA pts w/ ischemic heart disease correlated w/ atherogenic index & TG levels

    COMPLETE-PsA Trial studied MTX vs MTX + leflunomide in 78 active untreated PsA pts. MTX+LEF was superior to MTX alone at wk 16 (PASDAS 3·1 vs 3·7; p=0·025). Combo group had more N/V (44% v 28%), ^ALT (31% vs 18%).

  9. COREVITAS RA registry shows poor biologic responses in Severe obesity (BMI >35) & underweight (<18.5) w/ no diff between 2891 TNFi vs 3010 non-TNFi users. Severe obesity lower odds of LDA, MCID, CDAI ~10-20%; UnderWt ~50-70%

  10. Undifferentiated Arthritis Does Not Follow an RA Course 

  11. Could Anifrolumab Work in Lupus Nephritis?


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