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RheumNow Podcast - Best of EULAR 2021

Jun 11, 2021 3:19 pm

Dr. Jack Cush reviews and highlights his favorite abstracts and presentations from last week's virtual EULAR 2021 meeting.

  1. COSMOS: Guselkumab in TNF-IR PsA. # OP0230m Coates LC, et al.
  2. C-OPTIMISE: CZP withdrawal axSpA; # POS0229, Gensler LS, et al. 
  3. Tapering TNFi in axSpA. # OP0138, Lukas C, et al.
  4. Diagnostic delay in AxSpA.  # POS0974, Feld J, et al.
  5. PsA and hyperuricemia. POS0947,  Widawski L, et al. 
  6. TULIP: skin and joint effects. # OP0131, Merrill JT, et al. 
  7.  TULIP-Lupus Nephritis study. # POS0690, Jayne D, et al. 
  8. COVID vaccine Immunogenicity in rheumatic disease patients. # LB0003, Furer V, et al. 
  9. Mortality in RA-ILD.   OP0099,  Juge PA, et al. 
  10. JAK Cycling in RA in Australia. # POS0223, Ciciriello S, et al.
  11. BEAT-Lupus. #OP0129, Shipa M, et al. 
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