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RheumNow Podcast – Combination Biologics

Apr 16, 2021 6:29 am

Dr. Jack Cush serves up this week's news and articles from

  1. ASSAIL-MI trial studied 200 pt with new (<6hr) STEMI-randomized to either PBO or IV 280 mg tocilizumab. While no signif difference in final infarct size (7.2 vs 9.1%; P=.08), TCZ treated pts had better myocardial salvage & less Microvascular obstruction
  2. Calcinosis is associated with these autoantibodies - NXP-2, anti-PM/SCL and MDA-5
  3. Non-Hallmark manifestations of dermatomyositis include: panniculitis, diffuse subcutaneous edema, erythroderma, calcinosis, ulceration, flagellate erythema, Wong-type DM, gingival telangiectasias, and the ovoid palatal patch (full read)
  4. Artificial intelligence study shows neural networks can be trained to detect radiographic sacroiliitis on pelvic Xrays and achieve expert-level detection of definite radiographic sacroiliitis & could improve diagnostic accuracy at non-specialised sites
  5. Metanalysis of IBD studies finds combo biologics may have efficacy in refractor IBD. 279 IBD pts Rx w/ dual biologic or JAKi Rx . Most common = TNFi + anti-integrins (48%), ustekinumab & integrins (19%); remission seen in 59% & 34%, higher w/ EIM
  6. Study of 26 patients with chronic inflammatory diseases vaccinated with mRNA vaccines showed all with considerable immunogenic responses. No unexpected side effects seen and No flares of the underlying inflammatory disease was seen.
  7. Autoimmune Risk of Death Up during COVID 
  8. Planes, Trains and COVID Distancing
  9. Back Talk - record your question or case here
    • Dr. David Mandel
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    • Dr. Madan Mohan
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