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Sniffles & Arthritis (3.1.2024)

Dr. Jack Cush reviews the news and journal reports from the past week on Are these associations with infection, biomarkers and weather real or imaginary? Linked or luck? Causal or casual?  You decide....

  1. No clear link between weather & MSK symptoms There is a belief that changes in weather conditions, such as impending rain or temperature, can trigger or worsen muscle and joint pain but Australian researchers have found no clear pattern between the two.

  2. Australian study shows self-reported difficulties w/ ambulation (limited<=1 km) had a higher risk of hip and spinal fractures (32% to 219% more)/ Included 239 000 adults >45 yrs

  3. Metabolic signature for fibromyalgia? Study of 54 FM & 31 controls w/ Machine learning to identify 13 metabolic markers that predicted FM w/ 79% accuracy; levels of 5-hydroxyindole-3-acetic acid & glutamine correlated w/ fatigue.

  4. IBD extraintestinal & joint manifestations - systematic review of 61 studies (13,806 pts) found 8% new joint findings during advanced therapy (no signif difference betw vedolizumab (9%) & ustekinumab (6%).

  5. PAPA (pyogenic arthritis, pyoderma gangrenosum & acne) syndrome is a hereditary autoinflammatory Dz caused by dominant mutation in PSTPIP1 (triggers IFN-γ-mediated pyrin induction & IL-18 release; can be Tx by JAK inhibition)

  6. FDA approves 10th adalimumab biosimilar - called Simlandi (adalimumab-ryvk), from Alvotech and Teva. Unique in that it's the 1st high-concentration, citrate-free & interchangeable ADA biosimilar.

  7. Norway study 1558 chart-reviewed SLE cases; 797 were new-onset SLE from 1999 to 2017. During this period the annual SLE incidence rates fell; mostly pronounced in women 50-59 yrs (fell 3.4 to 1.1 per 100K) - paralleled by 74% reduction menopausal HRT

  8. Single center study of 163 pts (mostly RA) Rx w/ tocilizumab found 41 hospitalized & 49% for serious infx. SIE were more common w/ eosinopenia (EC < 0.05 g/L; avg (0.06 vs 0.20 g/L) & low ratio EC/NC ratio (× 1000 < 11.8) (median (6.54 vs 48.50). RND OPEN

  9. Neonatal Fc receptor mAb (lowers Igs) development: 2021 FDA approved efgartigimod (Vyvgart) for myasthenia gravis 2023 FDA approved rozanolixizumab (Rystiggo) for MG 2023 nipocalimab promising efficacy in RA, Sjogrens, hemolytic anemia, MG INTERESTING?

  10. RA BIOBADASER registry study of 1128 patients going on ts/bDMARD found 107 (9.3%) w/ multimorbidity (Charlson Comorbidity index ≥ 3). Multimorbid RA were older, more SJC & signif higher DAS28; ts/bDMARD retention rate equal groups

  11. Many with Psoriatic Arthritis Fail to Achieve Minimal Disease Activity

  12. Sinusitis Linked to 40% Heightened Risk of Rheumatic Disease

  13. Ask Cush Anything – Dr. Nicole Melendez: Maternal RA/PsA offspring risk of autism  

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