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RheumNow Podcast - Despite Corona (3.6.20)

Mar 06, 2020 3:00 am

Dr. Jack Cush reviews the news and journal articles from the past week on

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  1. Risk factors for severe cranial ischaemic complications (sCIC) in GCA studied in 295 pts - 61 developed sCIC. Vision complications increased with age & jaw claudication (OR 3.43); decreased with PMR Sxs & higher CRP. Afib independent predictor of stroke.
  2. ANA positivity very common with liver diseases - 91% in syst autoimmune dz, 93% in PBC, 49% Autoimmune hepatitis, 19% in HBV, 14% in HCV, 23.5% in Hepatocellular carcinoma; but few had ANA ≥ 1:320 (5 HCC, 2.5%HBV, 1.6% HCV). Patterns also varied.
  3. NICE cost analysis of combination DMARDs vs Biologic/MTX in 205 RA pts shows combo DMARDS achieve similar clinical benefits more cheaply than high-cost biologics
  4. Study of 199 pts shows increased prevalence of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) in rheumatoid arthritis pts (based on polysomnography) with moderate-to-severe OSA (AHI ≥ 15) in 23%
  5. 35,248 rheumatic patients with 16 years follow-up finds an increase in all cause mortality in fibromyalgia & widespread pain (RR 1.19-1.38), and also for RA (RR 1.52). FM deaths included accidents, diabetes, suicide and HTN disorders
  6. Johnston County OA Project (1999–2015) found 327/800 with Xray hand OA (rHOA) - they were older, more often white and female. Women were more likely than men to have incident HOA, particularly for DIP rOA. HOA more frequent in whites vs AA
  7. EPOSA - 5 european OA cohorts studied showing 27% had 1 or falls; 10% fell twice or more (recurrent faller). Risk was associated with knee OA (RR-1.55). Opioids and analgesics mediated the associations between clinical OA and (recurrent) falls.
  8. Serum aldolase serves as a useful marker for diagnosis and assessment of disease activity in patients with adult-onset Still's disease.
  9. Vitamin D deficiency is associated with lumbar disc disease and LBP in postmenopausal women; moresoe w/ very low vitamin D concentration
  10. U.S. FDA Accepts Regulatory Submission for Tanezumab, an NGF inhibitor, for Treatment for Patients with Chronic Pain Due to Moderate-to-Severe Osteoarthritis
  11. Venom Peptide-Steroid Conjugate Effective in Collagen Induced Arthritis
  12. Airway Inflammation Drives Rheumatoid Risk
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