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RheumNow Podcast – with Special Guest Dr. Janet Pope (9.8.2023)

Sep 08, 2023 6:00 am

This week, Dr. Jack Cush reviews the news with special guest, Dr. Janet Pope. They discuss "Not-non-Inferior", large scale genetic screening, Zoster risk w/ newer lupus drugs, tapering, RA referral problems and the TNR webinar session on "ORAL Surveillance Revisited".

  1. Placebo is not non-inferior to colchicine in gout flare prevention in 1st 6 mos of allopurinol. 12 mos 200 pts allopurinol, 6 mos of COL 0.5 mg qd; Gout flares - 0.61 PBO vs 0.35 Colchicine. After stopping colchicine, no difference in gout flares/month between groups over 12-mos
  2. Genomic sequencing of 29601 newborns found 2.7% (813) w/ genetic dz - half were ultimately dx, PPV=50.4%. About 1 out of every 500 newborns will benefit from the implementation of gene panels as a first-tier screening test in newborns.
  3. Anifrolumab targets type I IFN pathway. In #SLE Trials, pts on ANIF had as much as 8-fold higher rate of Herpes zoster. HZ incidence is 6.9 vs 1.5/100 PYs on ANIF vs PBO. Other drugs may affect IFN - sifalimumab litifilimab, daxdilimab, deucravacitinib
  4. 84 #RA pts in remission >1 yr on TNFi showed an increase in flare rate if TNFi tapered to D/C ( 63% TNFi taper group vs 5%) in stable TNFi group). Tapering strategy was not non-inferior to continued Tx; Most regained remission after TNFi reinstatement
  5. Woeful Rheumatology Referrals 
  6. ACR ILD Guidelines 
  7. Oral Surveillance Changes in Advanced Therapy Use in RA
  8. Oral Surveillance Revisited


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