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RheumNow Podcast – “That’s Not My Name” (10.7.2022)

Dr. Jack Cush goes off on "Untitling" (not using proper names/titles) in the clinic, in addition to reports on rheumatologist salaries, new drugs in phase 1-3 development and the range of COVID-19 MSK symptoms -- all from the past week on

  1. Microbiome analyses of cancer patients suggests over abundance of fungi, especially transcriptionally active Candida and is associated with gastrointestinal and lung cancers. Candida DNA is also predictive of reduced survival in GI cancers

  2. Comprehensive full-read review of #Baricitinib trials in treating COVID-19. 24 studies (16 retrospective, 5 prospective, 3 case control) studies & 3 larged RCTs show Bari as 24-38% better than comparators/SOC (few showed no change in mortality)

  3. 8 pts w/ Refractory Skin Dermatomyositis Rx w/ open label APREMILAST, @ 3 mos 7/8 pts responded w/ drop in CDASI (-12.9 pts; P < .001). Skin Bx showed downregulation of multiple inflamm pathways (STAT1/3, IL-4), IL-6, IL-12, IL-23, IFNγ & TNFα)

  4. PhRMA estimates that 90% of US healthcare spending is on chronic conditions. Currently there are ~800 drugs in development for chronic Dz - with 70 drugs in Ph1-3 development for arthritis: OA, RA, PsA, Gout (>1/3 in Phase 3)

  5. A retrospectively cohort study of 147 r-AxSpA patients looked at secukinumab retention, which was 55% at 12 mos. Obesity was assoc w/ a lower rate of SEC D/C (29% v 50%, p = 0.013). Yet multiple TNFi had higher rate of SEC D/C [HR 1.99]

  6. New look at fibrosis in scleroderma finds low levels of the antifibrotic protein, endostatin & Cathespin L. In vitro studies show a deficiency of Cathepsin L that should lead to its activation of antifibrotic endostatin - possibly a new Rx strategy for SSc

  7. COVID-19 Arthropathy and Myalgia An online survey of random COVID-19 infected persons shows that arthralgia and myalgia are common consequences to COVID-19 infection.

  8. Rheumatology Salaries and Career Choices

  9. Women Doctors More Likely to Be Called By First Name in Patient Messages 


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