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Canary in a Coal Mine (4.19.2024)

Dr. Jack Cush reviews regulatory reports, news and novel journal articles - this week focusing on Sjogren's, ILD, Gout and Uveitis.

  1. Mental health in 1150 adolescents & young adults w/ juvenile idiopathic arthritis (age 15.6 yrs; Dz duration 7.2 yrs, 43% oligo-, 26% polyarthritis): 30% reported suicidal thoughts, 19% mod-severe depressive/anxious Sxs (moreso in Females OR 2.33)
  2. Biopsy Results in Sjogren's Syndrome Save A prospective study from the Netherlands analyzed the comparative value of simultaneous labial and parotid salivary gland biopsies performed in patients with sicca complaints and suspected SjD.
  3. FDA has approved a ustekinumab biosimilar (ustekinumab-aekn; AKA Selardsi), made by Teva & Alvotech, for the treatment of moderate to severe plaque psoriasis (PsO) and active psoriatic arthritis (PsA) in both adults and pediatric pts.
  4. AbbVie announced preliminary positive results from phase 3 SELECT-GCA study showing remission in 46% of #GCA pts Rx w/ upadacitinib for 52wks (vs 29% PBO); RCT included a 26-wk steroid taper regimen
  5. PNAS: Autoimmunity against MDA5 induces fibrotic ILD in mice. In this murine model of dermatomyositis, treatment with either anti-CD4 or anti-IL-6 receptor antibody ameliorated the MDA5-induced fibrotic ILD.
  6. TNFi mAbs, JAKi, –IL-17 are protective against Anterior Uveitis (AU) in AxSpA. Metanalysis of 44 RCTs shows AU IR: - TNF mAbs: 4.1 - etanercept 5.4 - IL-17i: 2.8 - JAKi: 1.5 - placebo: 10.8
  7. Of 375 #Gout pts D/C pegloticase after a median of 8 infusions (taken 112days (max 1,240d). Only 73% had SUA < 6 during pegloticase. After D/C 84% went on ULT (63% allopurinol; 34% febuxostat; after mean 92d); after ≥ 30 days), 51% achieved SUA < 6
  8. SGLT2 Inhibitors Lowers Gout Risks in Type 2 Diabetes  
  9. RA-ILD at Higher Risk for Serious Infection and Death  
  10. BSR Guideline on Management of Sjogren’s Syndrome  
  11. Ask Cush Anything - RA with ILD management beyond methotrexate (Dr. Karin Kirmayr)


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