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National Population Insights (4.28.2023)

Apr 28, 2023 5:00 am

Dr. Jack Cush reviews the news and journal reports and addresses 3 viewer case questions.

  1. A Danish national registry study compared RA pts taking JAKi (n 875) and bDMARDs (n 4247). They found similar rates of subsequent cancers (14.4 vs 12.9/ per 1000 PYRS); with a nonsignificant risk (HR1.41; CI 0.76, 2.37)
  2. Brazil study of 1,528 kid lupus (cSLE) shows low mortality (4.1%, n=63); 84%F, age 12 yrs w/ time to death=3.2yrs post-Dx. Cause?1) Sepsis (43%), 2) opportunistic infx(11%), & 3) Pulm hemorrhage (9.5%). Predictors: CNS lupus (HR 2.6) & CKD (HR 4.3)
  3. Finnish population study involving 4180 #JIA patients followed for 6+ years (betw mean ages of 8.3 to 14.8 years), finds that 13% of the JIA patients prescribed psychotropic drugs (vs 10% in controls; p<0.001). Antidepressant use most freq, esp in females
  4. NIH generated FDA approved drug costs ~$1.4-1.7 billlion for each 1st-in-class drug (vs estimated pharma industry cost of $1.5 billion per approved Rx). Govt may serve as early investor in pharma innovations. ~1/2 total R&D investment comes from US govt
  5. Denosumab Reduces Type II Diabetes Risk     
  6. A Rising Gout Risk in Asians 
    • Dr. Sepulvado - Seropositive Rheumatoid arthritis with Septic arthritis on MTX and infliximab biosimilar – Whats next?  RABBIT Risk Calculator   
    • Dr. Wasser – Alopecia Universalis with hearing loss – what’s the association and Rx?
    • Dr Shams 1) hx of H. zoster, use JAKi?  2) JAKi lipids elevations – how to manage


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